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Annotation format¶. An annotation is a JSON document that contains a number of fields describing the position and content of an annotation within a specified document: { "id": "39fc339cf058bd22176771b3e3187329", # unique id (added by backend) "annotator_schema_version": "v1.0", # schema version: default v1.0
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brat standoff format. Annotations created in brat are stored on disk in a standoff format: annotations are stored separately from the annotated document text, which is never modified by the tool. For each text document in the system, there is a corresponding annotation file. The two are associatied by the file naming
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Im Fenster "Attribute" können Sie das Erscheinungsbild von Annotations verändern. In diesem Fenster stehen Ihnen für die Arbeit mit Annotations zwei verschiedenen Ansichten zur Verfügung: die formatierte Ansicht und die unformatierte Ansicht. In der formatierten Ansicht können Sie über ein Menü schnell und bequem
Annotation format. PubAnnotation uses JSON as its default format to store annotations. This document describes how annotations are represented in JSON in PubAnnotation. PubAnnotation JSON annotation format supports three different types of information: denotation,; relation, and; modification.
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FoLiA is an XML-based format for Linguistic Annotation suitable for representing written language resources such as corpora. Its goal is to unify a variety of linguistic annotations in one single rich format, without committing to any particular standard annotation set.
Annotation File Format Guide. The Gene Ontology Consortium stores annotation data, the representation of gene product attributes using GO terms, in tab-delimited plain text files. Each line in the file represents a single association between a gene product and a GO term with a certain evidence code and the reference to
Annotation data is submitted to the GO Consortium in the form of Gene Association Format, or GAFs. This guide lays out the format specifications for GAF 2.0; for the older GAF 1.0 file syntax, please see the GAF 1.0 file format guide. Please see the information on the changes in GAF 2.0. General information about annotation

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